ALTA s.r.o. Products

  • ALTA s.r.o. is an exclusive representative of Linea Roma. Linea Roma is a world famous manufacturer of ophthalmic frames.
  • Alta s.r.o. is an exclusive representative of an American company Quality Masters. Quality Masters is a manufacturer of patented polarized clip-ons.
  • Alta s.r.o. is offering DriveWear self-tinting polarized glasses lenses for drivers.
  • Alta s.r.o. is offering NuPolar polarized glasses lenses. NuPolar is a world leader in correction polarized lenses.
  • Alta s.r.o. is offering TRILOGY, a new generation of spectacle lenses made from Trivex, a material designed for modern drilled glasses.
  • Alta s.r.o. is offering Stock lenses for our wholesale customers.
  • Alta s.r.o. is offering Free Form technology for the latest custom fit multifocal spectacle lenses.
  • Alta s.r.o. is now offering the latest  DNEye®  Scanner in conjuction with our ImpressionIST technology.