About us

ALTA supplies markets with products of high quality, using individualized approach to customers and their needs.

Our workplace is equipped with the latest modern technology. Digitally controlled machining is our standard production process. As the only company in Czech Republic, we use our own software for calculations of scientific and technical data. Our software is not only able to calculate parameters of lens production, but also manages our digital equippment. The quality of products is controlled at all points of the production process to ensure the best quality and requested specifications to achieve accuracy beyond standard norms. ALTA was the first firm in our market to establish production of photochromic plastic materials with higher index of refraction.

ALTA was the first company in our market that introduced manufacturing of photochromic plastics, and the first to introduce manufacturing of plastics with a higher index of refraction. We also hold a huge stock of spectacle frames enhancing the choice for customers as well as those requiring wholesale possibilities. ALTA has an exclusive representation of LINEA ROMA and Quality Masters brands. The US company Quality Masters holds numerous worldwide patents for clip-ons with a magnetic hinge. Ask for them at your local optician.

ALTA produces custom tailored polarized clip-ons. These are made from triacetate (sheet thickness 1.2 mm only), with a combination of black metal/dark grey lens. It is possible to apply them also to drilled frames. Our manufacturing capability is able to cover 90% of spectacle frames, depending on the optical correction and frame shape. Please consult with us or with your eyecare optician – ask for FLEXI KLIP ALTA.

As the first Czech optical firm, we now use NdYag laser for all repairs of metallic frames. The use of NdYag laser is advantageous because it allows setting of a very precise laser pulse energy between 1W and 50W. It is also possible to set the pulse frequency and the width of the optical beam in tolerances from 0.2mm to 2.00 mm. The manufacturing is done in a protective atmosphere of argon gass and is controlled through a stereo microscope. Welding with laser is so precise that we can join together a broken upper E guitar string.